Saturday, June 06, 2009

Four Seasons Austin - TRIO Happy Hour

Crab Fondue, Herb Bruschetta

A not so impressive dish. Flat, overwhelmingly dairy. Yes, it is fondue, but you would think that the crab would be a prominent flavor. Nowhere to be found.

L to R: Baked Gulf Oysters, Shrimp, Bacon, Shoestring Potato; Pork Belly

I rather enjoyed the crunch of the potato on the oyster. My previous oyster experiences were very minimalist, highlighting the fresh oyster itself. But this baked oyster was quite good.

The Pork Belly (apologies for not remembering the exact accompaniments) had a nice, almost Asian-inspired smoky barbecue flavor. But how could you not enjoy pork?

Smoked Shrimp Croquettes, Green Mango, Fennel

My favorite. By far. I went so far as to inquire about the smoking process. I did manage to stump the manager on duty on the type of wood they use to smoke the shrimp, but it was nice of him to try. From the moment you crunch through the outer layer of the croquette, you embark on a pleasurable sensory experience. The smokiness floods your palate, but not overwhelmingly so. The shrimp melds beautifully with the smoke, and melts right in your mouth. The accompanying mix of sweet and sour fruit and veg provided a nice sharp upper tone to the bass-like croquettes.

Lamb Sliders, Local Lamb, Tzatziki, Cumin

Because all of our food arrived at the same time, I think these were lost in waiting. I thought they were good, not memorable. The tzatziki kind of melted into the bun. I like to think that the tzatziki was cold when it first arrived, bringing a refreshing layer to the lamb burger. The sliders would have been better consumed straight away. But by the time pictures are taken, plates divvied up, going through each individual dish, not all survived the wait.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch, Peanut Butter Mousse, Milk Chocolate Cremeux, Grape Fluid Gel, Milk Shooter

A whimsical take on PB & J, with a glass of milk to boot! I love these sort of desserts that include a bit of molecular gastronomy. I think it is a wonderful way to interpret an old standby. To reinvent it with new and unexpected textures, but retain the same, familiar flavor profile.

Blackberry Lemon Napoleon-sable breton, blackberry mousse, lemon vanilla cream, lemon frozen yogurt

Yummy and tart was this classic blackberry/lemon combination. A refreshing end to a good meal.

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