Saturday, June 06, 2009

Apparently Penguins Look Like Owls

Penguin Graduation Cake: Chocolate/Vanilla Marble Cake, Caramel Buttercream, Candy Graduation Cap

Baker-for-hire: Kindergarten Graduation. School colors are blue and gold. Loves penguins.

I tried to incorporate the school colors into the penguin's skin/fur and graduation cap. That Happy Feet penguin had a blue-ish tinge, right? I took some pictures to document (this was before the feet, mind you) and scratched my head. Did my penguin end up looking like an owl? I sent the picture to my mom and first thing she said was why did my supposed penguin look like an owl. My co-workers seemed to think it looked like a penguin, but most had never seen a blue penguin. One suggested that as soon as I had the penguin-y feet on, it would look less an owl.

So on went the feet and a longer beak, et volia! We have a penguin.

Most importantly, the client loved it!

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