Friday, October 26, 2007

Haring Cake/Fall Love

The Christie's Prints sale/viewing started today. And well, since my sister is an intern in that department... Et volià. We have cake. I wanted to do a bunch of roses/flowers on top. But noooo, my "manager" (manager = my sister = self-appointed title without consulting of the baker) insisted I recreate the Keith Haring on the catalog cover.

Personally, I wasn't completely happy with the result. My sketch was much better. But no matter, everyone loved it. Including the Latin American department, who apparently shared in cake-love.

On a side note there has been serious lack of updates (and time to cook)! I've been working a lot lately. Now I'm off to Texas tomorrow, as I have an appointment with a potential employer next week. Since my plane ticket was more than I'd care to spend, I decided to make it a week-long trip considering I had the week off from work. Then it's back to NYC. Work for a week. Then to Texas for Thanksgiving/Miscellany-Trips and in between a trip to Vegas for Dad's-Early-60th-Birthday-Celebration. Yay for Fall! I love the Fall/Winter because I get to make Holiday Dinners. I have been doing them in my family for a number of years now. And I must say, I am the Queen Bee of Holiday Dinners. Stay tuned for the coming posts...

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