Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's Going to Hit You All At Once!

Apologies for being lax about updates. Much has happened in the past months - travels abound, the death of a beloved aunt, etc. There were many food-related items I wished to post. Sadly, I can only recall a few. [Note to self: this is why you must regularly keep tabs with your blog].

In my absence, it appears I have been blog-tagged by my friend Elizabeth (sorry, Liz… didn’t realize I was tagged until now)!

Here are the rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts or habits about himself or herself. A tagged player then writes a blog entry with the seven things, as well as these rules. Then the player tags seven others and lists their names on his or her blog. Remember to leave a comment for your newly tagged players, letting them know they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Seven random facts/habits about me:
1. I would love to be a globe-trotting-foodie/bum-about-the-world for the remainder of my life. Though in all sense of practicality, I would have to amass some monies before embarking on said adventure (so I wouldn’t starve and/or have something for random splurges on food-related expenses). On the other hand, I could just make an attempt to be resourceful and figure out the living expenses as I go along.

2. The more I watch reruns of Friends, the more I realize that Monica (moi)=Monica (Gellar, on Friends). She is me and I am her in all of her obsessive-anal-controlling-neat freak-competitive persona.

3. I have a love/hate relationship with mathematics. I love learning mathematics history and theory. I hate when it takes me days (or weeks) to solve something, but then again, I love the gratification that comes when solving something so complex and reducing it to a simple, elegant solution.

4. I want to live abroad one day, hopefully as a culinary student in France. But anywhere in any profession will do.

5. I talk in my sleep. And not just a random mumbling of words. I will have an actual conversation with you if you talk to me while I sleep. (I also have dream sequences in foreign languages, including those I do not speak. Don’t ask how, don’t ask why).

6. I movie hop. And who, might you ask are the masters of movie hopping, who passed along their skills to me? My loving parents. I used to be very much against this because my theory was that films would not get their rightful earnings. Because my one, yes one single ticket would prevent whatever film from earning their full potential in box office earnings. Which, according to my dad, is indicative of how good a movie was. Anyway, with the rising movie prices in Texas (and the ridiculous amount they charge in NYC), I then saw the practicality of movie hopping.

7. I enjoy brain teasers and puzzles like sudoku. I guess that’s the nerdy geek calling from within.

Let’s see… who to tag? Well, since I can’t blog-tag people on facebook, I’ll tag only my sister. Purely to irritate her. :)

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