Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bakeway NYC

Heard about this new Astoria bakery. Went down to try it yesterday. (Inadvertently came across a filming shoot - they like to film Law and Order episodes near the apartment. Incidentally, that may not be such a good thing). Got to bakeway. Nice set up. But the sweet confections case looked best. Bought cupcakes to try - cherry, praline, dulce de leche. The presentation was cute, and the icing was decent, the cupcakes were dry. The other baked goods they had (stuffed croissants, cookies, pizza, brownies, etc) looked very dry in their display cases, which is why we opted for the cupcakes. Mostly disappointed with this place. But I will venture there another time. Maybe they do have something worth paying for.

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Anonymous said...

try the red velvet cupcakes... way past "decent."